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Vicci Flame is the next in line in this new generation of Hip-Hop Rock Stars. True in the sense he has dynamic vocals, plays instruments and has his own unique sense of fashion. He doesn’t just look the part…he IS a bonafide creative genius.  

“I hear music in my head; it’s like a 24-hour radio station”, the eccentric artist professed. “I like to rap, but I also like rock and some pop, too. I want to relate to people like me who get wild and turned up, but sometimes like to dance or just vibe to good lyrics.”  

Vicci Flame first went to the studio at the age of 16. After not liking the beat or the way the song was mixed, he spent the next few years learning how to make beats and eventually bought his own equipment and produced his own songs.  Drawing from different producer artists such as Pharrell and, he honed his craft but was also heavily influenced by acts like Rick James and Guns & Roses.  

“I’ve always been drawn to real music artists”, he said. There’s something authentic about actually making the music you perform, and that realness is what I like. It gives you an edginess and different level of passion when you’re beating your own drum”.  

In 2017, he had his song “We already Did” featured in the hit TV Show Bad Girls Club. He also credits Grandtheft and Delaney for giving him inspiration after lifting his melody and bass line for their hit song “Easy Come Easy Go”.  He spent the summer creating his first six-song EP “Good Energy”.  

“I feel like I have something to prove,” he declares. His first single, “Good Energy”, is drawing comparisons to The Weeknd, Young Thug, and others in the genre of urban Hip Hop/R&B. It’s a gritty instrumental but the vocals are hypnotic, perfectly capturing the urban culture.  

"Ever since I first heard Jodeci’s "Stay" I knew what I wanted to do with my life: make dope music."  He states cooly, “I want to show upcoming artists that you can just be yourself and still have success. I don’t just dress like a rap/rock artist… I AM Hip-Hop Rock.


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